On Living the Dream: Coming to Terms With Being Really Poor All The Time

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What kind of name is Sepp Blatter?

This question was asked to me simultaneously by twenty three people after this FIFA czar’s name entered the Interwebspace after corruption charges into the world’s “Soccer” organization.


Sepp Blatter is a horrible name. It reminds me of a condition I came down with freshman year at Estonia Community College. In a bid to lose 67 pounds to make the curling team, I drank only red wine vinegar and ate a maxi pad every day. Wouldn’t you know that was a perfect recipe to come down with Sepp Blatter! -a painful condition causing one to, according to the Mayo Clinic, “pee very furiously, with agitation to the cerebral cortex and screaming.”



So this Sepp Blatter was re-elected to FIFA, so he may be corrupt- isn’t his name punishment enough?

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Strange Things Zamboni has Not Seen

Your Country America is so weird and great, but strange!

Hardly ever seen a school being built- but so many condos!

Where are the cute baby pidgeons?

All your burgers you eat- why are not there cows everywhere?

These are mysteries for sure.

Some of your houses are so gigantic, are you having many children like 12 to fill them?

What do the people at google and twitter office actually do all day?

Where does all the old newspaper go?

Why do the homeless get all the leisure time and fresh air?

How can Starbucks never once make a bad drink of coffee?

I thank you, for I am a foriegner who loves America and is baffled.


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Wes Anderson Film for You

great zamboni like this film- it will remind you of the importance of making new friends, finding your roots, and how beautiful the italians are… and spaghetti, not pasta…


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Great Zamboni says:

Never Dream Alone.

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Steve Seabrook to Join Zamboni on Stage!

Yes folks, the only person ever in the world who ever proved himself  as profound as great zamboni- Steve Seabrook!

Mr. Seabrook will join me great zamboni on stage at the Monkey House in Berkeley on May 20thth at 8pm.

After you see him, you will never be the same you you were when you walked in the door!

Save the date! and never dream alone!

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What are you in the business of?

Everyone is a business man or businesswoman.

I do not refer to your job or gig or occupation.

Each of us must decide what we are in the business of. Some people are in the business of spreading joy and love. Some in the business of greed, or gaining attention. Some spend energy on being victims, or angry. Sinatra was in the business not of singing, but of bringing joy and an incredible style and confidence to the world. Leonardo wasn’t in the business of painting, he was in the business of teaching mankind how to dream and then build those dreams. Rosa Parks was not in the business of riding buses but of evolving her world.

A better question next time you meet a person at a fried shrimp bonanza or a Polo match, instead of “what do you do for a living?” is “what do you want you your legacy to be?”

What are you in the business of? Why are you really here?

Great Zamboni is in the business of showing people that inside, they are the true great zambonis. He do this through laughter and provoking thoughts.

Tell me how bout you?


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