Locker Room Wisdom #2 Jordan Posts (Zambones Day off)

It was Chrismas Eve, the place was mostly dark, but I knocked and someone let me in...
I'd mixed the days up...Dolphin Club has open use days M, W, F..South End the other days. It was Fri. but I wanted a boat so...

Kayaked down to Pier 39. The bay is funny, always looks like a calm lake from land.

Out there it’s surprisingly  rough, like some huge barge had just come through but there  was no barge. I wanted to go to Alcatraz.

Maybe next time.

After a steam, shower and shave (there's a big jar marked "razors" with about 100 community ones) I roamed the locker room a bit. It was empty. There were distant shouts from an intense Handball game. There was an old Japanese guy who'd been showering for 30 minutes and was going strong.
Wonder who JR is?
I have to say I don't wanna know too much about this one. But i'm fascinated. Urologist and woodworking hobbyist? Cock doc? Wonder whats in Dr. Schwantz's locker.

The bay was lovely dark and deep, but I had a Christmas eve party to go to at my brothers. Stopped by a bar (The Bus Stop, on Union st) to have a beer with strangers, something that always gets me in the Christmas mood, then went on my way. I love to be in the middle of a bunch of loud people that know each other, the regulars, the bartenders, and just listen, add the choral comment about the interception or touchdown.

Forever fixing former follies. There are worse ways to live. Like having none to fix.

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