Zambonesman is asked to predict for 2011

My great friend Joel ben Izzy, a truly great storyteller and human person, asked me, “Zamboni, what did you predict last night for 2011?”

In truth I was a little too tipsy  last night to make much coherence. (You must be forgiving to me as I was also celebrating Estonia’s entrance to the E.U.)  I spent New  Years Eve  with friends at Ashby Stage in Berkeley doing individual consultations in which I communed with the Three Greek Goddesses or “Fates”, but by midnight and the fifth Absinthe my sobriety was hard to locate.

Best Dressed Theatrical Impresarios, Jonee Kreuz, Rich Black

But I do have some predictions for us in this year.

I think this year we all will understand more the difference between an occupation and a calling.

I think this year we will put our feet up more.

I think this year it is less about finding love,  and more about not screwing it up when it finds us. Because it’s looking.

That is all I can do for now as my head is pounding and I have prepared Estonian hangover remedy of the boiled placenta of a brown sheep mixed with marrow of ox thigh bone.


Change your sox, change your life.

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