Reader Feedback, Slightly Scary

The following is from a reader from this “New” England section of your country, who goes by the name of Snow Queen:

Thank you Zamboni for sharing your wisdom. Although I must be honest with you and say that when I read your writings, something rather odd occurs. My spinal column starts to shake, my hands and feet grow cold (which could be just because I’m sitting in an unheated “sun” room on a cold Jan. night in New England) my pupils dialate like they did when I was a child and took my first trip to NYC. And my mouth opens ever so slightly, allowing hot air to escape into the cold room, which makes it look to my children as if I were smoking…..I have no idea why any of these reactions occur…..I think I will have a hot cup of chamomille tea now and rest my strange combination of weary head and yet renewed spirit. I signed up to receive more of your thoughts directly to my inbox….I think that is a good idea….I think. Anywho…Goodnight for now, thank you and if ever you should travel from Estonia to my part of the world, please stop by for a cup of tea.

Dear Readers,  if you too are experiencing strange and carnal sensations while reading the Zambonesman, grab hold of nearest firm object and breathe heavily until calmness disappears. Zambonesman and all associated with him hereby divest themselves  of most responsibilities. For further legal affairs contact offices of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe, LLc.

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