Zamboni may be wrong about Hope

Jordan sneaks this in while the Zambonesman sleeps off last night- too much Fernet Branca and too many flaming cheese shots with the visiting Estonian Weightlifting team:

So you know how some days google does a little custom job on it’s logo that greets you. On Holloween the “oo” become a couple of pumpkins, etc.  So this morning she’s lurking behind me as I crank this thing up, my daughter, Bird, age 12, and I notice today, on Dr.MLK Jr.s day, there are four kids playing hopscotch through the google, two black, two white, just like in the speech, the Dream.

“I don’t get that” she says, “why do they just have some kids playing, it’s so random.”

First I think she’s being a bit dense. “Don’t you get it?”I say, “It’s for MLK day.”

But it was me missing the point, as usual.

“You just see some kids playing, huh?”


“That’s what it is, I guess that’s all it is.”

It’s a small thing. But it’s a pretty nice small thing.

It's sad i'll never see this through my daughters eyes, really.

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