Tim Moellering, RIP

Tim was an English teacher and baseball coach of many years service at Berkeley High School, where I also teach. He lost a battle with cancer, this evening. He had super bright red hair, red face too, and proudly wore his team baseball jacket and hat often, even in the off season. (Wouldn’t ya know it, team color, red.)

I trust there is a big apple waiting for him on a nice desk up there, and plenty of time to do all that reading he couldn’t do, grading Great Gatsby essays and all. He loved is job, and that’s some luck right there.

Remember a teacher.

Seeya  Tim.


2 thoughts on “Tim Moellering, RIP

  1. Mr. Moellering was living proof that the best teachers are the ones who do it because they love it. Strong correlational evidence, at the very least.
    Thanks for posting this, I had heard but couldn’t find any other verification.

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