Will I find my true love this year?

This question comes from the thoughtful reader and artist, R. Dario from Oakland Ca.

In short Dario, the answer is yes.

But we must be careful about using this word “true” with love. It sounds like “truth”, which sounds like “fact” and the one thing Zambonesman knows about love is that it feeds on very unfactful things like imagination, impulses, insticts, and feelings. Zambonesman himself is fatally in love with a white witch from the hills above Bellarus named Drachma. Drachma herself has no likewise feelings for Zamboni, which is me, and has let me know this in many ways, some kind (letters) some more direct (Interpol Restraining Order). My feelings for her are so great, that had I four lives to live with her in the bliss of a hillside dairy, I would without hesitation.Is my ardor due to her refusal? Perhaps. Love does like adversity. The great Chekhov knew this well.

Now, is she my “true” love? I don’t know, true for me maybe but not for her; though one day I trust she will see we are meant to make many children together. Dario, be careful what you wish for, because your true love might be a hurricane of emotion, or easy like Lionel Richie Sunday mornin’. Most likely both on alternate days. What you should focus on my friend, is something else. The Goddess of love, Aphrodite, likes to think of herself as doing at least some of the matchmaking.

Nevertheless, by all means pursue online dating immediately. This too has worked for Zamboni, but may I urge you that the fitst meeting is always better as a coffee date, NOT dinner. Easier to leave quickly if chemistry is not existing. Don’t like online dating? Too awkward? Suck it up, it works.  Remember, Zamboni knows all. And put good pictures on your profile, you on the beach happy, things like that.

Lastly, write down on a piece of paper what you actually want from a relationship, say it out loud to the sky. You can’t get what you want till you know what you want. Again, thank you Joe Jackson.

This  photo by Alice Olive shows that sometimes sunlight is being more profound when we don’t see  it directly- Like “love”. In lower Estonia, the gamblers sometimes say, “you want to roll a 7, think 18.”

4 thoughts on “Will I find my true love this year?

  1. Thank you, Great Zamboni The Mystical. Your advice as always is sage and timely, and too much personal information. Nonetheless, there are many wise ideas you bring to me, and developments have transpired almost exactly as you have foreseen! The online dating and the heed to be careful for what I wish, has all played much importance. Once again, Wrestler with The Forces of Satan and Interpol, I thank you. One follow up question: will my true love be able to cause me to question the very fabric of reality over dinner conversation?

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