How to Help Japan

Great Zamboni has a few ways you may help.

Text REDCROSS to 90999..a mere 10$ will be take from your phone bill , (or in Estonian Currency 56,456,789 Kronshites.) If you are Zamboni’s mother with no cell phone and very little confidence in the technology, give any  twelve year old a 10$ bill and have them do for you.

Also you can go to, quite easily.

I was recently chatting with Poseidon and asked him why such destruction was visited on the earth in the forms of earthquakes and tidal waves. “Ask Charlie Sheen,” was his curt response. Nevertheless, our world is smaller than we think, and both karma and your happiness require you to help. Are you getting that warm sensation in the heart just thinking about being generous? Good for you.. now as Estonian EMTs say when you’re choking, Cough it Up Sheep Ass! I’m slapping you on back now.

Is the ground still on which you stand? Rejoice and smile.

I called him but he say, "Zamboni, i'm f%#*ing busy right now, do it yourself."

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