“How Long will the Sunshine Last”

Today’s question comes from El Beh, a wondrous actress and person from California.

El, the Sunshine will only last another four billion years. The sun, as brilliant scientists and Zambonesman himself have discovered, is a star and all stars have limited days to go. The sun itself is somewhat middle aged, again like Zamboni, so this give to me some special insight into it’s psychology. You see, I myself am at the peak of my powers, much like the sun, as we all plus the polar bears have been finding out. Yet even as I am at the peak of my mesmeric, psychic, gastronomic, and other inmentionable here powers of many kind- in this very peak I see the beginning of the end. Bittersweet but true – no?

In Estonia there is a saying among the ragpickers, “who cares how you die, you won’t be there to see the teethmarks”. This is difficult to decipher exactly, but I think we get the point. There are many theories about how the sun will die. Some say it will sort of climax in huge explosion, others say clouds of cosmic dust will more or less choke it out, and others say things too boring to get into here. Suffice it to say that no one including you or me will be here to see it go goodbye.

Now, in case you meant your question in a more immediate, like, how long with this sunshine last like, this week, I still of course have an answer for you.

Enjoy it while you can.Add Video

Peace and the power of the Lily be with you.

Zamboni has spoken!

“still,  I have the warmth of the sun , within me”

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