How is it that the bush burned but was not consumed?

Today’s somewhat biblical question is coming to I, Zambonesman, from the faithful reader “Sk Dance” from New Orleans. At first it might seem to you peoples that this question would be difficult and somewhat schismatic and controversial to answer authoritatively- this is not so. Since I have spoken directly to God about this you need not worry that I  am interpreting blindly in this liturgical matter or just advocating some religious stance.

Recently I had a beer summit with Yaweh himself  in which we drank a few suds (he prefers Bud Light and will not answer my quandries about why) and I asked him many questions (“Why Hurricane Katrina?”- “I was on the crapper”) and among these asked him to explain some of these miraculous happenings in the Bible. The burning bush being one. These are the words I heard from God though my notes are messy as I was drinking some home brewed Heffeweizen he’d made which was maybe 67% proof:

“Zamboni don’t be so thick. I am God, I make Rainbows, Elizabeth Taylor, Baseball, and the B.L.T., why do you think I have trouble making a bush keep burning. For me to do this is like Joe Dimaggio hitting safely in 56 games, or Julia Child making chicken, or Michaelangelo making sculpture.”

I pressed him further, though by this time I was on cold marble floor of his bathroom and he was hanging in inversion boots doing crunches.

“Okay you want to know the real meaning of this behind the burning fire?” he says. I assure him I do with drooling and mumblings.

“Look Zamboni, the bush keeps burning because it is a source of learning for Moses, and learning or study, this is the one fire that must never be put out in a man. The minute the fire to know more, the curiousity to learn, the minute this is put out, your whole house will go dark. This bush is lit up with Moses’s hunger, not my miracles.”

Learning never endeth.

So my dear SK, I hope you enjoy this answer as I enjoyed reading it in my notes after my 48 hour hangover subsided. I think it is good knowing, and if some sparks for this fire can be had from the blog of Zambonesman, well, this would be good news to me…

You know, we get older, and we think we know all we need to know. We think, “oh I don’t need to read that book or hear this sage, I’m no longer searching in my twenties.”

Well then why are we here?

I wish you happiness.

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