Jim Harbaugh

Locker Room Wisdom #3

I once saw him get so amped up and in the face of his players before rushing onto the field that he pushed one giant lineman hard, and the guy pushed back, dropping Harbaugh on his ass- from the upper deck I thought it was a fight; it was encouragement.

Departing Stanford Football Coach, Jim Harbaugh:

“You’re either better or worse than you were yesterday- you never stay the same.”

Now printed on a giant red and white banner wrapped around the fences of Elliot practice field, Stanford Campus.

Five years ago they lost 11 and won 1. This year they flipped that. I wonder what you learn more from?

This saying  is opposite of how we usually think isn’t it? We wake up, okay, i’m about the same guy I was yesterday. Am I? I bet I’ve made about 347 tuna melts in my life- what If every one got just a little bit better? They’d be so good by now they’d change your life. I’d relate this directly to my actual job, but i’m afraid I might not like what I see there.  Maybe tomorrow.

-jw (this post does not claim to represent greatzamboni in any way who hates all sports but Bowling, competitive mustard eating and Squash)

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