What is “The Lily’s Revenge” About?

Greetings from me, Great Zamboni.

The above question comes a befuddled theatre goer, Franz X.,  from the city of San Francisco who saw a “crazy show” at The Magic Theatre. Even though I, Zambonesman, have not seen this play ( I am banned from entering  theatres because I am too much a distractment for viewers, my intense eyes drawing their focus and making actors forget where they are)   I do in fact understand this event of fantasy that you have seen because I saw a picture of the star, Taylor Mac dressed as a lily and went into a trance.

The five hour play you have seen, complete with people singing to you in the restroom while you pee and lots of flower costumes and copulation simulations of myriad sort, is about nothing less than why we live and the dreams  we need to fuel this living.

Can a lily become a man wearing a tuxedo who is talking to you while a giant turd ballet proceeds in the background and flower girls have hairy chests? Yes.

Can a voice make you cry about the moments in your life that were too little, too late? Alas, yes.

Is it possible to marry everyone and everything in this world? If we want to do more than just survive, if you want to live, yes.

Is it possible to sit in the middle of the stage with strangers you have got to know close enough to smell them while the actors must step around you? Yes. Why? Because you must play the hero of your own story, centerstage.

So Franz… The Lily’s Revenge, which makes you sleepy one moment, then makes you shock with laughter the next, then makes you cry too—  it is a mess, a great big soupy, odd, intoxicating mess with no apparent order but with a divine order nonetheless- LIKE LIFE! And just like life in pre-berlin-wall fall Eastern Europe, after 5 hours you will crave the kiss of a bald man you have never met.

Zamboni has spoked, have I not…


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