“Why does the Black Guy Always Die First?”

This question, asked by 10 year old John Morris of Nebraska after watching the recent Hollywood aliens-come-to-kill-mankind-movie called Skyline, has baffled generations of people until now that Zamboni gives answer.

At first glance, you might think it is simple racism. But looking at it closer, is it not having to do with the Cress theory of racism in which all white people secretly want to be black and so persecute people of color to eradicate this “dark” urge within us?

Perhaps, as the great Dr. Shinholderz, philologist of Bratislava University says, it has to do with our fear of the unknown and hence we send those we fear to face what we fear.

Actually it is just simple racism. Remember my little friend, as long as we look closely, things are exactly as they appear.

Fight back! And watch Othello with Laurence Fishburn by the Shakespeare- he is like almost the last to die! I see this movie on long flight to Transylvania, with failing soundtrack dubbed into Ukranian it is still classic.

“Only the most superficial people don’t judge by first impressions” -Oscar Wilde

And next time, ask your parents!

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