Zamboni in uproar!

Ladies and gentleman, I Zamboni will not exist without questions asked of me… throw me a bone people or else I feel like red-headed step child with ADHD and bad breath. Ask me a question so that I may have a career here or else my brother in-law Shmoendrick’s  prediction about me will come true,”Zamboni you’ll die penniless pursuing this dream, come back and work on the cheesefarm cleaning up goat shit before it’s too late!”

I tell you I know all! But can’t answer a question not asked.

Just hit “leave a comment” or e-mail at Look, in all seriousness, even if you think Zamboni is full of air, what question would you ask someone who knew all..? Even the asking and searching has something to teach you. And even if my answer is as useless as a hat on a headless man- it didn’t cost anything to ask right?

It’s good karma for you….

Like Dolphin shorts- I’m out!

6 thoughts on “Zamboni in uproar!

  1. I don’t know whether to set up my insurance captive in Bermuda or the Virgin Islands. Both countries allow me to keep the $ offshore at no tax but Bermuda is nicer and USVI is a shit hole. I like saying USVI. Is sounds like a drug from the late ’70s. I’m so confused.

    The Trad
    (Serious Insurance Professional)

  2. Why is good karma to ask questions ? Are there places in life when it is not good karma to ask questions?

  3. Dear Zamboni,

    How do I overcome perfectionism and enjoy my artistic performances? I mean, I want the emotion of the content to flow through me, rather than a constant monologue of me analyzing each and every moment of my time onstage. How should I do this?


    Steaming cup

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