Hardest Question for Zambones?

Dear Zamboni-

Learning about all the greatest philosophies in human history seems hard- can I just do this by drinking a milkshake instead?

Luce Natas

Very tricky, “Luce”, nice try.

I recognize this reader to be none other than the arch nemesis to Great Zamboni himself, yes simply rearrange the letters in other direction and you have Lucifer, or SATAN!

You all know that I Great Zambonesman long ago sold my soul to the devil in exchange for my life and all wisdom when I was drowning in sub-zero Arctic waters. (This is why I urge parents to be teaching their children to swim as soon as you can) As part of that deal, the Horrid one told me that I may breathe this mortal air for as long as I can, but when I meet a question that I cannot answer- in that instant my soul will be swept back into the fiery pits.

Since I have been answering all questions with obscene wisdom for the last 75 years, obviously the evil fiend is becoming impatient and trying to trick me- neverthelss I will have to carefully weigh this question and come forward with answer soon or you will no longer have Zamboni around. Watch this space for answers coming soon to this Mephistophelian conundrum.

Be not fooled! At first the question seems a simple no?- but for the devlish one- there is always trickery in the details. I will think now for 24 hours.

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