Zamboni, what is on your ipod?

This question comes from “Shlameil” in Livermore, Ca.

Shlameil I do not have ipod anymore, it was stolen from me in a power outage on a train in Bratislava. Three Russians of indisputable criminal origin clubbed me with fisticuffs to take my gadget. But I can tell you what it is I am listening on my Walkman thatI hold together with Camel spit and pieces of recycled underwear.

Zamboni have much in common with this Rhianna. We both have fans numbering in the 27 millionth, both love the word “resilient”, but I beg to differ that she is not the hottest bitch in heels. That crown, like most, is held by….Zambones!

Enjoy “So hard”…Though I am  still struggling with some of the symbolism in this veedio, trying to decipher significance of her riding a pink tank and the mud wrastling and what exactly, “so hard” means, I feel it is bottomless, much like Moby Dick or David Lynch Lost Highway.

Personally I have seen this “gaga” but I think Rhianna is eating her for breakfast. Next week, this one called Gershwin who is so mighty, still!

Call me Zambo, or call me Ishmael, just call me!

I await your questions and complaints.

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