What Time is it in Zamboniland?

This interesting  question again comes from youth in audience in Berkeley Ca. Here is answer

Looking at my Gucci here in Zamboniland,  it’s about that time to eat garlic, pet my goat, watch the light change, make toast, make a five year plan, watch Zoolander again in English not dubbed in Estonian so to be bettering  improve my lingual skills,  call my mom, wave to my neighbor, forage in  the forests around my home for naturally occurring wisdom-inducing roots and herbs, plan my 3 mindblowing appearances in San Francisco on July, 1,2,3, make some popcorn, see again Tree of Life this very inscrutable but beautiful hence Zambonian  film by Terence Malick, take a nap with Socrates my Chamelion, wake up 5 minutes later and dive into the ice cold fjord outside my backdoor, read some James Cain, eat some sugar cane, have dinner with Michael Caine, and before going out to Estonian nightclub, listen to Big Daddy Kane and have 2 minute phone three way with Obama and Dalai Llama.

Sort of  quiet day.

How bout you?

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