A Sentence About Why I am Also the Zambonesman:

Life is good, It was three years ago and I am walking down my street asking myself all the same questions that I had been asking myself for years and started wondering  why is it we think tomorrow we will know any more answers than today and like Narcissus I am looking at my own reflection saying wow who is that hot guy and what is he ever going to be and become in life because I am maybe like you I am doing and doing and doing day in and year out and at that moment walking down street it was about 10pm and I am wondering all this like why are some people hard wired for optimism and some not, why do some people always seem like they are stumbling out of a disaster zone and others seem like they just got to the party and are standing in the best place to be because wherever they are standing is the best place to be, and isn’t it funny that we are sometimes both of these in one day, and at that moment a voice comes to me in the head and it is a quiet voice but nonetheless he has a rather silly accent and he begins to tell me his story of crashing his plane into the water, and a deal with the devil that left him with the knowledge and ability to travel in time and talk and meet and question all the great sages from Socrates to Sinatra and though his name was something vaguely Euro that I couldn’t pronounce he went on to be Great Zamboni and when I become the great zamboni I know all and nothing is puzzling and I know exactly  where I stand just like the Little Prince who crashed to Earth, but even he needs to get back to his rose so that’s what I get from Zambonesman, a guy who’s always got my back and is willing to help me cultivate my garden, so go cultivate your garden because people are great, they really are awful swell but they’ll all leave you in the end so we all keep a Zamboni in our back pocket, what’s yours?

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