Audience Reacts to Zamboni

I want to thank the folks and Zamboni faithful that came out to see the show in San Francisco this past weekend. Though I have been to many places, Botswana, Lake Texoma, Walnut Creek and all the way to Modesto, like Tony Bennett said, I have left my heart in San Francisco, and  each time I come back to here I gain this heart again from you. My cutthroat managers from ICBM are currently arranging some new runs of show in the “Yay Area”, we shall keep you posted.

Among audience questions answered over the weekend:

*why is the backhand the weaker stroke in tennis?

*where does the wind come from?

*how do they celebrate independance day in Estonia?

Click below and see how audience members reacted to my show Saturday, Buna Zoi!!:

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