“What will I be when I’m thirty five?”

This question comes from “anonymous”.

Dear Anonymous, it is hard to say answer to this, even for Zamboni since I do not know you and cannot see you. I assume you are young, like teens yes?

I can tell you this ; if you take a good look at yourself as you are now, your dreams, hopes and most of all your pre-occupations and obsessions- that will give you great clues as to what you’ll be at the ancient age of 35. You are now busy turning into whatever you will be soon.

Yet, when I, little Zamboni, was sixteen, I saw only a future of making goat cheese, curing wild boar legs to eat in the winter, and perhaps marrying the plain daughter of a local brick maker. On the surface, there was nothing there to tell me I would become great zamboni. Yet if I delve back deeper to those times, I can remember I used to break watches to look at their littler moving pieces. I used to fantasize I was an international spy, and I would have dreams of travel. Thinking over this now, I see very clearly seeds of the growing Zamboni: the searcher for workings of universe, a man restless trotting over the globe answering peoples perplexings, solving their mysteries.

You cannot become anything you want. You can only accept what you are meant to be, or reject it.

The Romans believed we each had within us a “genius” a little spirit-dude-thingee that we had to let out and allow to be what it wanted to be. Like the “genie in the bottle” spoken of by great sage, Christina Aguilera.

I wish you luck in working with your genius…in some way each day- this you need to do. Then by 35, all will be well.

Some extra advice, don’t use credit cards, ever, it F#@k up your credit score in big way.

Be well!

Great Zamboni will be in Vegas until next Sunday, hear form me later then!

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