Football or Baseball, which is best?

Zamboni is asked this question by Chartruese Fockenstein of Denton TX. Chartruese Fockenstein is a very common name in Estonian Jewish circles so perhaps this writer to me is extracted from such stock.


Baseball is more like American life. Usually tomorrow and the day after you have another chance. Until you don’t. It dies in the fall, with the leaves. Things go up and down. We are all streaky. The grass is greener. Baseball is beautiful

Football is more like war. Higher stakes. Not many chances, just 13 games (in college) and there is much pain and people are more giant than me or you.

Coming from where I come from, there has been more war than peace. Football is more like mirror or life.

Take beauty, or truth- your choice.

But no one in baseball is named Plaxico! This remind me of my uncle, Plaxico the Magnificent, a  great man and third rate illusionist.

I have spoke!


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