What Country Will win FIFA World Cup in 2014?

This question comes from an anonymouse asker, and I Zamboni will give accurate answer.

As long as they stay free from any evil eyes given by Bulgarian banshees often hired for this purpose, Estonia will be winner in this FIFA cup.

Of course we have much work to do, but I would not be much of an Estonian if I did not have faith in my team.

Now you might say, “Zamboni, this is mathematical impossibility for Estonia to win this, it will be Brazil or German, blah blah blah…”

I say: “Are you Great Zamboni?” I didn’t think so. I personally will bathe in North Korean black salt for 21 days during the preliminary qualifying period in order to draw out all impurities not only from my debauched life but from Estonian players and coaches as well.

It surely will be a great contest, but as alway we must watch the Bulgarians, they are crafty. I was once partially eaten by one, with merely a glance.

Be- Ware!

One thought on “What Country Will win FIFA World Cup in 2014?

  1. Zamboni has chosen the winner. This is similar to being chosen the winner: it is a matter of perception. Fortunately, choosing and being chosen are both acts of free will and worthy of respect and celebration, respectively.

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