** If a building is bombed in a forest and no one sees it, is it terrorism?

Another good question from Jiannush Warrenski, this one easy for Zamboni to answer. I’m afraid the answer is yes.

I recently went to the dentist and they tell Zamboni I have to get this filling replaced so they bang bang drill all this stuff out and then they make like a mold of the tooth cap to send to the lab and then they make me a temporary cap for the tooth. This very annoying because already twice the cap fall out! Once when I floss, the second time biting a piece of cheese! What the hell! This why I came to this country from Estonia- for the real good medical care. I could have stayed in Estonian countryside where the dentist uses prayer, old BBs and chewing gum to do this work. Ack!

You wonder what this have to do with today’s question- I tell. Most things in the world happen “in the forest” or to other people. The world is so big, it seems very little happens to us. But when things happen in our forest, to us, even something small and stupid like my falling out tooth takes up all our attention and care. We think it more important than anything. Then something can happen that makes the forest suddenly very small.

Manhattan was once a forest

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