As we’re walking down the street, she says to me, “you know, you’ve said so many nice things to me, but of all the nice things the one I like best was what you said tonight, ‘I was a jerk’… That makes me happiest.”

It’s true and I was. But here she is giving me a second chance. It’s amazing when someone gives you a second chance isn’t?

Men are jerks, that’s just a fact. Afraid and filled with secrets and lies. We’re watching TV and I turn to my daughter and say,”trust none of us…except me.”

“Huh?”, she’s confused

“Men,” I say.

“You’re a man?” she says? I don’t know what that means, I hardly know what anything means or what she thinks of anything. Will I have the right to be pissed at the boys who are jerks to her? Or will I look at them as they come crawling back for thier second chances – wont our eyes  meet in some sort of terrible understanding?

There is the one that got away. Actually there are a few. Then there’s the one I pushed away, and then there are the ones who won’t give up on you either because you’re special or they’re just hardheaded.

What is my point here?

If it never feels okay to be a jerk, to lie, not call, not talk, pretend; then maybe you aren’t one.

Then what?

And Odysseus said to Telemachus,"you are no longer a child, it is time to put away childish things..."

5 thoughts on “Jerks

  1. Jesus! (not the man, the exclamatory) What a colossal waste of time. There is no question here. You are a jerk if you act like one. It doesn’t matter if you have some later, latent, mild regret. Tell your inner jerk to grow the eff up.

    And further more you should model the behavior of the man you hope your daughter will choose. You are the one teaching her what she deserves. Actually, Zambonehead, not all men are jerks. Show her who to look for and who to ignore. Yes, be really pissed if some one treats her like a jerk and then blame yourself for not teaching her that she is worth more.

    Excuse me while I pause to vomit.

    Men, they are not all jerks….but I’m thinking they may all be stupid.

  2. So well said Tradzboni. (It’s hard to imagine JFK or Miles wearing a big flying skull gold lettered RL or some such, isn’t it.) I’m embracing my inner jerk lately and turning him on to some new things- like naivete, so far i’m showing promising results. Thanks for reading..

  3. Remember Zambo. Knowing you’re a jerk is half the battle. It’s those who don’t think they’re jerks who are the real jerks. And people who think they’re cool are the biggest jerks of all. Take for instance that Jesus guy. He’s not wearing a robe with a logo. That’s cool.

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