Prediction1: Will Obama Be Re-Elected?

This prediction just came to me during the almost full moon as I am taking a sniff of Fernet Branca with my good friend John Huntsman. (Zamboni is GOP since Abe Lincoln who I knew personally)  He ask me if he will be next president, and suddenly I realize, “no”. And I unfurl to him my vision as he laments into his cup of decaf:

Obama, who has alienated his fire-branding liberal base who elected him- who  got into bed with the the same shlamiels like Lawrence Summers and Henry Paulson who helped give us the very financial shwindle and meltdown that Obama hired them to bail out- this Obama will have a radical change of heart and will be caught on a YouTube video throwing a Molotov Cocktail at the New York Stock Exchange. This act and the corresponding night in jail that it occasions will so embolden and engorge his followers that  this waterfall of rage will loft him to the White House for a second term, despite many angry people in the blue belt who will be saying, “see we told you he was a terrorist!”

So maybe good news for you liberals out there, bad news for my friend. Now, one disclaimer- if he chooses not to throw Molotov than null and void is my prognostication.

You see even Zamboni predictions are influenced by free will.

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