Summer Doldrums

Ah yes, the Kergulian Islands, where I spent three years waiting to be rescued after my fateful plane crash and deal with the devil. Being on the underside of the world, it is opposite everything, and around this time each year I get the summer doldrums since it is that season now on the Kergulian Islands. In this world I live in now it is fall and glowing pumkins and short days into long cold nights of apple cider and David Lynch movies, but deep in my soul it is the long day'd Kergulian summer of swimming with sea elephnats, roasting penguins over an ice fire and discussing life with the native tribe. I look back on these days with pleasure, and know the melancholia even to be a blessing of dese guys.

As greatzamboni blog turn ONE YEAR OLD soon, I await your questions.

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