Moonshine Revelation 4 “Toilet”

Praise be to the spirits embodied in the Indian…

Inside the amber, time stands still... nice

and here is the 4th thingee he revealed to me from the rusted chassis of the Pontiac I unearthed by happenstance in Hopper Creek:

“A toilet is just a toilet, but it knows how to flush.”

I puzzled over this one a bit, beyond it’s surface meaning (especially appreciated over the holiday in which one night I, great Zamboni, drank three bottles of Slipovitzsk Prune Brandy from Smolsk with the worlds oldest rabbi, and an Irish authority on Leprechauns, and needed the comfort of my toilet for many hours afterward). Then I realized, as with so much in life, the surface meaning is in fact the only meaning worth considering, as Oscar Wilde said, “only a superficial person doesn’t judge by first impressions.”

You see people, a toilet is not an object of glamour, fame, beauty or majesticness: yet it does one thing, and one  thing very completely and well. What the Great Indian is telling us is that all of us should have One Thing, one thing that we do well.

Sure, we should all follow the little dirt paths and tributaries of our whims and desires. It is fine to be a poet who makes movies and sells organic quince  jam out of an Airstream while blogging about vintage watches and rescuing Greyhound dogs and finishing taxidermy school online. But, let us all have one thing we know how to do, that we can teach others with confidence and authority.

What is that for you? What could you teach with gumption and aplomb:

-how to ollie?

-how to laugh?

-how to throw a pot against a wall?

-how to kiss?

-file a tax return?

Personally, for Great Zamboni, I make better salad dressing than anyone I’ve ver met. Mike V? He knows not just how to skate, many people know this- but he knows best of all how to appreciate the freedom of Skateboarding and spread this over the globe (I hope he can meet me in Estonia one day for epic session!)

Tell me yours.

One thought on “Moonshine Revelation 4 “Toilet”


    Not a flush,
    Not a dressing,
    Though those are grand skills to own.
    Just a hush
    And a blessing
    Are the skills to which I’m prone.

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