Moonshine Revelation #8 “Would It Kill You to Wear A Tie?”

From Bow Tie to Tebow. Aha! All is one in Zamboni. Greetings to you people and I am revealing to you now the 8th revelation mumbled to me by the great spirit embodied in the Indian.

                         “Would it kill you to wear a tie?”

Folks, I think this one is fairly obvious. Just tonight, I, Zamboni was getting my usual after dinner treat, a split of bananna with three flavors, Ube, Macapuno, and Bubblegum, with three sauces Strawberry, Caramel and A-1. The point of the story is this: into the ice cream parlour walks a young man with messed up head of hair, baggy sweat pants and shoes that I think were bed slippers. His friend is like him but wearing flipping flops that reveal his toes..

!!!     In Estonia if you see someone’s toes you have to marry them- toes are private and can be ugly- I don’t want to see yours unless you aim to have Zamboni children!

Once not long ago, to be out of the house meant to be presentable. Today most men just think, cover most skin and it’s okay. I don’t think the Great Indian was being a Mormon or a prude- I think he was saying, life becomes what you dress for. If you dress for a day of achievement, of respect by yourself and your peers, then it may become that. If you dress for a stupid day of watching TV on your couch, well like they say in Southern Estonia, “A pig in high heels looks like a whore and spoils the bacon” Crystal clear, no?

Live it people, metaphorically as well, as always!

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