Zamboni learn

I am sorry to not write few hundred of words but I am captivated by 2nd lecture in this series of Yale/Online classes you watch for free. It is like being fly on wall in classroom. This lecture very fascinating because she get inside mind of early british colonists, or the “ruffled dunces” as the snooty Brits back home called them.

As a new revolution is coming (Zamboni see!) I think it good.. Bankers beware, you’l lose your wigs!

Most of my professors back at east Estonia State put me to sleep but here I stay awake… without chew coffee beans!

Watch and enjoy Professor Freeman. She remind me of my aunt Quartina back in Estonia, same crazy cool hair with lightning streaks and chortle. Click those words below… then choose the first option with ref “f” for flash… magic TV box will appear on screen- I love America!


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