Stonehenge was a bus stop

Dear Zamboni-

What exactly was the purpose of the great wonder of the world Stonehenge?

-Cordly from Grand Rapids

Dear Cordly, it is a very good question that you ask, what the heck was that Stonehenge built for, and yes, as my title spews forth, it was in fact a bus stop.

Now I know this may be dissapponting for many of you as you like mysteries wrapped in enigmas and perhaps you are hoping I would say it was some wiccan sun temple, or virgin sacrifice altar built by aliens; but sometimes the truth is just a whole lot simpler. Like my friend the Footbal Coach is fond of saying “its not rocket surgery for fucks sake.”

As I was floating through time back then in ancient jolly England, I remember what some peoples said when the structure was built. A man named Nigel -who made shoes for priests out of goat bladders- told me over a bubbling goblet of barleywine in  O’Leary’s Pub, “it looks a pile of ‘fecking dinosaur turds it does!”

See the snack stand there, on the left? Next to Termial B Express to Glandonshiresberyy Isleskye

It is a good lesson for us. The past was just like today so it best not to romanticise it by painting it with a glowing sunset color.


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