Where can I get the best hamburger?

This question comes to Zamboni last night in a sold out show I performed in Pt. Bonita Ca. YMCA Camp facility- right next to the old Nike Missile site. The fog was dense but not cold, the fog horns murmered always in the background like contented whales and black moths fly into Zamboni’s new glasses- but still I endure and give knockout show- Challah! It is beautiful on the edge of the continent in Marin Headlands, I reccomend you go. Maybe you too get lucky and see surprize Zamb. show.

The answer I gave was as follows.

It is a tie.

First is Double Double “Animal Style” at In-n-Out Burger.

The second is the original hamburger made at Louis’ in New Haven Connecticut. I have been eating them there since 1898 when this establishment opened ( I was a freshman at Yale then, just around the corner) they still to this day make their burger in vertical racks inside these cast iron grills you see here. They are the original ones from 1898.

Yes there are burgers everywhere, so can I really say that one is “the best” or even two?

Of course I can, I am Zamboni, but remember that it isn’t just what you eat. It is how, and where, and why. Eat only when you are hungry, and look at something beautiful, whether a face or an old bench worn with one hundred years of satisfaction. You’ll digest better.

There are fancy burgers, burgers stuffed with foie gras stuffed with black truffle stuffed with caviar stuffed with fugu fish for 146.00$. No. The Hamburger is one of the hardest things to do well because it is simple. The simple is always the hardest because there are more ways to flub up.

I slumped in sadly one November afternoon. Fresh off the boat from Estonia, I had been kicked of the Bulldog football team for suggesting something I called the "forward pass" based on how my brother Lochma and I used to toss a dried goat bladder. I was always ahead of curve.

2 thoughts on “Where can I get the best hamburger?

  1. Eat only when you are hungry….something like breathe only when you are breathless? Sing only when you are songless? Can we eat when we’re bored/sad/happy/lonesome? Can we please? Awww shucks, I thought you’d say that.

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