Zamboni goes to New Orleans

That is right people, you wont have your favorite Zamboni to kick around for a week or so as I am going to New Orleans- there I am going to learn the secrets of three major forces in the Universal Energy Field:


2.Hope after Disaster

3. Beignets

I will miss you probably half as much as you will miss me! but remember- Just when you are thinking, “how helpless I am without the great zamboni’s thoughts stalking my every move!“, remember that the only one thing that basically all Zamboni’s diatribes come down to is this: the answer is not in Zamboni, it is in you. 

But we do all need a little help from our friends too- and so today I would like to thank some: E.L.Wise, Ralf The Bart, D.J.M.W., Bird la Bert, E.H.W. , SKDancing, “LuLu” A. Dylan Winestock, Rye ODonnell, Jiannush Warrenski, Phillipus Gormensch, and because she has lost someone very near and dear,  and to me she is like the sun that comes up to a long night, Cass E. “Joe Di” Maggio, Zamboni always is sending you strength and patience.

If all else fails, try wearing mismatched socks- it makes it harder to take yourself seriously. Thank you reading.

Hit “comment” and leave a question!! Would it kill you?

2 thoughts on “Zamboni goes to New Orleans

  1. A safe and relaxing journey to you, Zamboni. Hope you will spend some time with your family sitting in a cafe listening to jazz and eating your lovely beneits (s?)…and don’t forget to put your hands into the mouth of the great Mississippi River………my question: never too late to learn more…how to be a good mother?

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