moonshine revelation #13

“Politics Are Boring”

Harry Truman once said to me, “Zamboni, its amazing how much you can get done if you don’t care who gets the credit.” He was explaining how power-hungy politicians are and how much the ego gets involved.

Lets face it people, if someone actually wanted to be a politician, that instantly makes them the kind of person you should run from. I used to be on the third squad Estonian ice-fishing team, and one of our more agressive coaches was named Porklandia. His favorite motivational nugget to use while we were running ice-hole cutting drills and speed-rigging our poles was, “shut the hell up and do it again!” so always if we said “but the ice was too slippery there” or, “I can’t lug a two ton sea elephant through a two foot hole in the ice”, always his response was “shut the hell up and stop making excuses!”.

One day, while we were resting and snacking on restorative slices of seal blubber, I asked Porklandia where he aquired his no- nonsense philosophy. He told me that his coach used to say, “your actions speak so loud I can’t hear your words.”

Which brings us back to Politics. Politics relies on words, promises, and slogans. Yes often things get done, but mostly because the people get fed up and finally those in power make something happen not because they want to but because they have to, to prevent uprising.

(Yet I have to admit, that me great zamboni being a libertarian/progressive-radical Republican, I do often find enjoyment talking to my liberal big government friends and destroying their ridiculous positions…)

Anyhoos- this is how I interpret the 13th mumbling of the great Pontiac Spirit. Judging by his grave profile, it is easy to see he likes to discuss things of greater import.

It's easy...
It's easy, anytime you get the urge to have a political "discussion" talk about sex instead...

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