Why is the DMV such hell on earth?

This question came from T.W. and I answered it- like so:

T.W. hits the nail on the head because you see, the DMV is actually a little piece of hell on earth. A long time ago when the devil was preening in the mirror, checking out his ascot and pencil moustache, he dropped this mirror and all the little shards blew all over the earth and wherever they landed a Department of Motor Vehicles sprouted up. This is why when you are in a DMV  a fog of angst descends upon you and the ennui is like a poison gas piped in through the ceiling.

Thus the wise people – like us readers of greatzamboni this blog-reflect when they are in the DMV about how wonderful is the world outside of this hell hole.

Nothing makes us appreciate things as much as their opposite does.

So next time you are damned to be pilloried into the DMV, be nice to those that spend their working days there, for they are the minions of the Dark One. It’s a living.

Once, great zamboni got so upset watching Olymipic hockey game, he threw his license into Daquiri blender. Next I  go to DMV to get new one, and the waiting in line calms me down… see?  life gives you pomegranates, you make something with.

You americans are crazy to let these small children drive- in Estonia, the rule is, no ear bush, no license!

One thought on “Why is the DMV such hell on earth?

  1. Some slivers of the Devil’s mirror landed in the check out line at the Winn Dixie and at T.J. Max ‘s return counter.

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