Zamboni, where does the wind come from?

Great question, thanks for asking.

This was baffling me for many moons until I asked the wind itself. The wind said it would tell me where it came from if I were to do it a favor, acquire for it a very hard to find record, “Barry Manilow: 2 Nights Live” that it had long sought. For obvious reasons it is hard for the wind to shop on Amazon or Virgin Megastore as the wind is restless like hyper ADHD child.

I did as I was told, pausing to enjoy this record and the very unusual verson of Mandy that it contains- until finally rendering the disc up to the wind.

After the wind blew around the world a few times enjoying this music some way I do not know how, it sang these words to me:

“the wind that blows from here to California-

it never stops to turn and wonder why,

it goes..”

I agree not a very satisfying answer, but then again, maybe it’s a stupid question, do we really need to know everything?

If it sails a boat and lifts a strand of hair from a face, isn’t that enough?

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