“a mystery here for Z”

“How do we know if we really like our pals or if we just think we do?” This question comes  from Susan K. (Palmettah)

A good question, and simple to answer. Lets say you have nothing to do in the evening after a long day of working at the glass factory or baking prune danish. You are going to watch important  game on TV and eat the wings of  buffalo, but you wish not to be alone.. In  short you want to be around not  just a friend you can talk to, but more importantly- one you can be quiet, even silent with.

Today we have too many friends, way too many. We “like” everything from Walmart to Emily Dickinson (how did she make her facebook page from Death?) but I, great zamboni say, we know we truly like a pal when we want to be around them even when we are quiet and not our best. We like them when they make us laugh and laugh at our jokes. When they don’t ask us how our work is but how our soul is. (not directly of course and always after a few beers)

We think we like those that impress us, make us feel stupid, make themselves seem more important than us. We don’t.

I have spake, what do you think?

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