sentence about Independence Day

Marine Executive Officer Saba Safiari came here as a child from Iran, raised by a single mom all his life they fled a war that seemed to last forever with Iraq and when he grew up he joined the Marines and Ultimately joined back up with a company and country  fighting…. Iraq -his mother was not thrilled but he answered a calling, ” I led three missions to Iraq, 75 guys in each company and I brought them all back alive,” this he told to the football players I work with, “you know when the first time I saw my dad was?….. two years ago at a gas station, and you know what I said?…” he said later for you and split, and he was telling this to the players and his point I think, one of them was, don’t make excuses, don’t complain, you want something it’s in your power to reach that goal- this is what comes to mind on Independence day- not that we do things alone, no, we need family, company, friends, battallions, but for gods sake, we also need INDEPENDENCE.

a proud banana slug too, UCSC

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