Will our gun laws ever change?

This was asked to me, great zamboni last night, July 20th, 2012.

Yes, of course. Many things we in the olden days thought would not change have changed and now we look back and say, like “duh!” yes women should vote, of course the weekend should be two days not one, yes children the age of 9 should not work 12 hour days in dangerous mills..

But at the time, that was “how things were”.

But some things do not change. There is an old Estonian saying, “you can take the goat out of Estonia, but it still eats grass.” Your country, this great America, has in its DNA much lonliness, rage, violence, emptiness of plains and emptiness of heart. Emptiness must be filled. Americans love their guns, but even more they love freedom, and one of those freedoms is to have gun. Back in colonial times, it means that the Brits couldn’t push us around. In WWII it means that Hitler could not push us and the Brits around. But now a lonely person can have gun to push others around because they too feel pushed around.

Once I learned to shoot a gun at a target range in Vegas. I loved it. It felt like nothing i’d ever done and it was powerful. It didn’t feel violent or dominating to me. It felt clean, like holding on to a bolt of lightning while it strikes. Silence -then great noise- then even a deeper silence.

Many of us look for causes and logic when violence happens-it’s the movies, it’s technology, urban sprawl, disconnection, etc…

No. Maybe some yes, but mostly no. Once ten years of bloodshed began because of a pretty face. It’s pretty logic-less.

Yes, in 50 or so years the laws will change. Human nature, no.

http://www.esquire.com/features/obama-lethal-presidency-0812-5 (This may take your mind off Colorado, but here Barack is the killer, and he’s acting with much thought. Is that better?)

2 thoughts on “Will our gun laws ever change?

  1. I would have wanted to be in the audience for this question – because the answer required Zambone to reach for a higher truth. Well done, Estonian Traveler.

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