Why do the women wear bikinis in olympic beach volleyball?

This good question from Pod In France..

Zamboni knows this, as usual.. you see Beach Volleyball is a sport of leisure and the beach, perfected by hot beach-going people of both male and female species, in a  place where appearance and beauty is paramount and also very important: southern california.

You see, muscle tone, tan shade, and athletic physique is so big in “So-Cal” that when I Zamboni, lived there pursuing business for the Estonian Film council, I ate only protien-shakes made of raw tuna  beets, and flax. On top of that I spray tanned myself each day and worked out ceaselessly with 2 hungarian hammer packs.

My point is, that sport is and has always been about beauty. Even in classic times, Seneca said it was only right for the athlete to work on his body for most of the day, just the way a poet would work on his or her craft. These beach volleyball goddesses -indeed aspiring to be crushing presences like Athena and the huntress Artemis, wear the bikini because they cannot be nude. They should, in the greek Olympic spirit- be totally nude as many of the greek origianl Olympians were- yet of course we today are too much puritans to allow for this. Yes, Olympians should all be nude. Just not the winter ones.

Is not beauty also power? ask the chicken

You may remember Berlin, 1936, where I great zamboni was disbanded from the Estonian Fencing team for fighting a match of foils in the nude against a mean looking German. When asked “what the hell are you doing Zamboni?” by the chairman of the competition, I memorably replied, “letting my willy be free!”

Though I was escorted out somewhat over-forcefully, I did manage to flip the bird to Hitler, and make a small pee pee on leg of Goering.

So, the bikini is there to celebrate the wonder of the athletes only real equipment- their bodies. Being close to naked, it is closer to the original spirit of the games. Plus, we do age people, and it’s okay to flaunt it while we got it. Remember when the swimming men only wore the speedo?

what do you see?

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