Where does the white go when the snow melts?

This question comes from an anonymous question donor and is frankly pretty silly- I guess this is a guy for whom no real problems exist -congrats!- so lucky for you but the question is goofy..

Regardless, it is a point of Honor for me to answer– and if I don’t the devil may come for my soul..

Snow is in fact not white at all.  If you look quite closely at one tiny flake, it is quite like a crystal and very clear. But when these crystals pile on top of each other they appear as white due to light refractolology and karma.

It reminds me of a story by grandmother told, of how she lost her last tooth. She was drinking plum brandy in a bar and was challenged to a drinking contest by the mayor of our town, Shmolenkaplatz. The mayor said, “if you can answer this riddle, I will drink this whole bottle to your health and probably die. Here it is, what is the hardest thing to see, the most diffuicult place to discover, and the most uncharted isle?”

My grandmother pondered this greatly, and then said most astutely, “the NOSE!” The mayor was nonplussed and dumbfounded, drank the brandy and, thankfully, did not expire.

My point is this- what does that story have to do with her last tooth?


Ask not for whom the snow melts, my friends, it melts for you.

Go forth!

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