Who do you think is prettier, Britney Spears or Paris Hilton?

This question came anonymously and seems quite irrrelevant.

The asker puzzles me- why are you asking this of Zamboni?

It’s hard out here fo a pretty girl

Though it is interesting I suppose.”Pretty” is so important to us. They say “look below the surface” don’t they- but how are we supposed to do that? The surface is what we see! Just think that the first thing anyone thinks of you in the first 10th of a second they look at you is whether or not you’re pleasing to the eye. There’s an olde Estonian saying, “marry a pretty girl today, see your fat belly fade away.” And the Estonian women are fond of saying “don’t marry a handsome man, he’ll turn out to be an arrogant prick” The second maxin doesn’t have such a poetical ring, but you get the point.

Zamboni never had pretty without heartbreak. The pretty themselves are unlucky, as their pretty becomes who they are. As soon as you become what people see you as, you lose the self.

So, asker of this question- my answer is Brittney, who because of this has had more problems than Paris- see?

Look at K-Fed’s belly if you doubt Zamboni!

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