“Thoroughly good”

These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and they are not shoes. They are boots. Union Made in the United States by Thorgood, in Wisconsin. Vibram soles.  Remind me of the best skateboard shoes I used to wear back in the day, the kind that sort of glove around your feet in cushion. My name is Great Zamboni and I approve this message. I was not paid for this endorsement. Yet. You may not need these, but you do want these. I will wear these with my tux when getting my Oscar. I do not like to take these off. It’s sad.

Lately I have been thinking of something my peculiar Uncle Hornblad said to me once. I said to him one day, “Hornblad, you have no job, your wife has incurable boils, you were jailed for Halitosis, your stack of original IBM shares burned up in a hash fire- why are you smiling?” And Hornblad says to me, winking the one eye he had left after the french fry accident, “my shoes fit.”

You’ll see what I mean.


3 thoughts on ““Thoroughly good”

  1. It always makes me feel good to see you writing in the midst of etc etc etc ( and by the way, For me it was Red Wing, made in the Mid-West)

    Love and Go Giants

    Dad P.s.how areStanford and Berkeley Hi Foot Ballers doing? And also Longfellow Tigers?

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Dear Zamboni,
    On the web site for these great boots I notice it says “well oiled” and “slip resistent.” So vp and presidential candidates should wear these?
    Foot Fan

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