What is a “kerfuffle” and how is it different from a “brouhaha”??

This question comes fro Hynder Snodgrass, of Swarthmore.

Dear Hynder: Binders that are full of women is a kerfuffle. It is a thing of light badness, funny, nothing to get your knickers in a twistee about. A brouhaha is something a bit more graver and worse- still not like fatal bad, but bad. Take for instance a hero athlete found to be taking steroids. Or the Italian president discovered to be dallying with 17 year old girls- this embroils one in a genuine brouhaha.

The first kerfuffle actually happened in 1921, to me, great zamboni while I was studying at the Sorbonne in gay paris. Gertrude Stein and I were caught making sexy time in the cafe du Dome, by Alice B Toklas and Ernest Hemingway, who both (she being in love with Stein, and he-inexorably and inexplicably being crushed out on I, Zamboni-) started quite a kerfuffle with weeping, wailing and general binge drinking and rumor spreading around the left bank.

The first brouhaha happened in caveman days. Three primordial witches stirred a pot of elements or “brew” and these elements made up laughter, or “ha ha”.

a whole other ball of frosting

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