“Is it selfish to be thankful for your own health?”

This question comes from Casi in Chicago and is an interesting one.

In short, no. Heck no. Totes, No. But this brings up an interesting question.. what does it really entail, this being selfish? I think we wrongly associate a healthy selfishness with too much ego.

In college, at Tech. University of Southern Estonia, where I majored in all-knowingness, my friends derided me for being so selfish as to be always planning and making goals for the gradual Zambonification  of earth. But I would try and tell them, “you are in law school and will one day make 500$ Krons just to answer the phone, I am only great  zamboni and I will only eat from the wisdom I collect in my head!”

My friend Sweet Stache is a fine actor in Estonian soap opera, “The Young and the Fruitless”.. but before his success, he was always hesitant to push his career; he did not want to come off as selfish, ego-driven, or over-ambitious.

The long and short of my point is this Casi; if you will not be for you, then who will  be for you? Why is your health wealth and success less important than anyone else’s? I am as valuable an asset on this planet as anyone else. So are you! The old Estonian copy editors have a saying, “God doesn’t need spellcheck” because you see, his gift of health to us has a purpose. And as the old Estonian spear fishermen like to say, “we will eventually all find our porpoise”

Most readers give zamboni fake name, but I finded this Casi on Interweb! So Pretty! I will give this headshot to Young and Fruitless producer for you!

Be well, all of you, in Zamboni you trust!

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