Today the World Ends….

Good evening folks, as the world is ending today, I thought i’d leave you with a few Zambonehead pearls of wisdom to take you into the next life along with you…Let’s first remember the best of this world as we go into the next one...Highlights from the pre-today world:



-basset hounds (so cute!)

-helicopter crashes in movies

Now, as we go into the next world, (there will actually be several different worlds springing forth today at about 9:30 am eastern time- no wait, sorry, I mean like, maybe 3pm eastern time-you see because each of us will be entering a new world of our own making, it’s complicated but there it is. Take with you into your world some Zambonehead knowledge.

-There is a grand design to everything.

-Everything happens for a reason.

-Many of the reasons are ridiculous and make no sense.

-You can actually use milk a few days past the due date.

-Be easy on yourself.

-Go ahead and order dessert, by the time it comes you’ll probably have room for it.

-Just try and do the best you can, for as long as you can, whenever you can.

-Ignore stupid rules like “white wine with chicken”.

-Watch birds.

In the words of Carol Burnett, “Im so glad we had this time together”,  and remember, Zamboni will fo sho be in all worlds beginning today, so don’t be a stranger…

(What did the Mayan Scarlett O’hara say at the end of the movie? “after all, tomorrow won’t be.”   I just made that up…)


zamboni-head-pik.jpg (what’s up the road, a  head?”

2 thoughts on “Today the World Ends….

  1. “Watch birds” and “Be easy on yourself”…these are my favorites; thanks for reminding me of them. And, I would add, Zamboni himself is a treasure…

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