Zamboni’s Qwanzaa Live Tonite!

Hello friends  and fiends- Tonite I -great Zamboni will  be delivering the homily in a show in San Francisco brought to you by the eccentric duo “Fifi and Fanny” I have put an interweb link below for you to buy tickets..It is a sort of church service that I think will be filled with laughs and good thoughts..

And since today is the third day/night of Qwanzaa, devoted to the principle of UJIMA (Collective Work and Responsibility) I urge you to reflect on this old tale from Estonia…

Once there was a herd of red ants busily swarming over their hill, doing their odd jobs, carrying food, protecting their queen etcetera.. one sentry ant noticed a lone drone sitting off to the side of the hill, doing absolutely nothing. Nothing sticks out as dramatically as an ant doing nothing.

Hey you, the beaurocrat ant said, get to work, what are you doing loafing around? The lone ant replied in an existential way, I am thinking about the futility of all this work and how I am simply a cog in the machine and how I want to create something in this life other than more ants..Immediately the sentry killed the independently minded ant and used his remains to feed the larvae.

As you can see, the message here is, by all means rebel and seek to create a new and brave world of love and visionbut first get others on your side to do this with you and watch your back! UJIMA!


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