Katherine Bigelow Owes Me a Bike

Last night I saw Zero Dark Thirty. I biked there and met my girlfriend for the 7:00 show. I didn’t have my bike lock but I rested the bike next to the U shaped thing, directly in front of the bright marquee…shouldn’t be a problem.


The movie was a strange experience and not really like seeing a movie but more like,  an experience. I thought I was squeezing her knuckles the whole time, but as we walked out she apologized for squeezing mine the whole time. It was exhausting. I was worried the torture would be too much for me. It wasn’t. Should I be worried about that? I don’t know. And the strangest thing is the whole time it’s like Captain Ahab and Moby Dick, it’s all about getting to BL, was that a glimpse?  Where is BL, where is he? Who’s hiding him? What traces can we pick up to find him, etc..10 years, an odyssey, literally, of Trojan Horses and dead ends..

And then they do and it’s a limp lifeless body they stuff into a bag. Of course you only see a bit of beard, a nose, a forehead..but we know it’s him, I guess. We have faith.

You think you’ll feel exalted and relieved and avenged, and you do. I did. But not- not in the way you think.

And we exited after the 2 hours and 37 minutes  clutching each other in the cold and kept talking about the movie. The way it seemed nothing was happening and then everything was happening at once. It wasn’t hollywood, no swelling music, no heroes you can hang your hat on with ease.

Maya is really just us. She goes from shocked, to participant, to blase. Is torture glorified? No. Is it justified? No. Does it aid in the search? We assume. After Abu Graib is there anything we don’t know or can’t imagine? Do I personally endorse it, no, but I think a boycott of the film is silly. The first amendment, well stuff like that, isn’t that  worth protecting? What is all this battle for anyway?

It wasn’t until noon today I realized I forgot about my bike. I made it back up there at about 2 in the afternoon. So what were the chances human goodness had kept it up there for 14 hours, unlocked?

Gone. Just like that.

(Great Zamboni is in a three day trance in a smoke house preparing his post “Zamboni Hypnotizes Academy to Vote For Oscars He Agrees to”)

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