Inaugural Monday Non sequitur!


And now for the first time, I,  great zamboni picks out a book from my cobwebbed shelf, open it to random page and faithfully write down here the first sentence I see. Then I will expungulate on it’s significance- remember, like grandma saying, “everything happens for a reason…” ok, here goes nothing. (pause, I am reaching for book with eyes closed… catfish noodling…………… Got one)


  • “I was feeling for the spot when another thought
  • Checked my hand: we would die to a man in that cave,
  • Unable to budge the enormous stone
  • He had placed to block the entrance.”

(the odyssey of Homer, Book 9)

Ah yes, Odysseus is stuck in the cave of the big-ass cyclops who is fattening up the Greeks to eat them soon. It is in the dark hours, before our hero uses his noodle to outsmart the cyclops and free himself and his men from impending doom.

So, what can we learn from this non sequitur? Indeed, for myself it is obvious. Sometimes there seems to be a giant unmovable stone in front of the cave door. A stone that is not and can never be able to be moved. You know this feeling? Yes, me too.

Odysseus, the name means “man of many ways”- so I must assume that there are many ways these situations can go. I also assume that we must be as clever and deep thinking as we possibly can to move this damn stone, or at least figure out how others can help us move it. Moving large stones is hard. Even Jesus who raised Lazarus after he was croaked for 3 days, I think he still needed like Judas and his truck to move the stone.


I hope you enjoyed the first non sequitur from us here at Zamboni Corp- goodnight Tokyo!

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