How You Can Help Kill Zombies

Good evening-

Great Zamboni has many associates in chai places. One such man is Kirk Ward, actor, beat poet, native of Hollister Ca, bailer of Hay, father of two, husband and holder of good driving record.


Kirk appears now, after years of beating the star-studded pavement, as head dude in ZOMBIELAND, a TV pilot based on film…

If you, my followers, watch the pilot for free, then VOTE and comment, Amazon will make the pilot with the most votes and support into a series.. Help Kirk feed his children, please DO!

Zamboni once battled an errant Zombie in the jungles of Haiti- poor soul, the sad thing is even when they eat brains (he opened up to me before I slew him with a Bic pen) they feel no pleasure- let that be a lesson to us- when you start to be automatic and feeling-lessless, too habit-formed, then the Zombies win…

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