pretty weird day

It’s a pretty weird day. I saw a grown man with his shirt neck unbuttoned proudly wearing a fanny pack  front and center over his belt buckle. It was full of stuff. He exuded confidence.  A saw a covey of hipsters in doublemonk straps and fully suited hawk-eyeing clothes in Goodwill. The tea shop was so empty it echoed. Students have graduated leaving Berkeley a ghost town. There was a long line outside a takeout food place called Slow. I guess it’s slow. There is a mobile home parked in front of my house filled with hunched back twenty year olds  dressed like old people. Who is tall enough to get those damn lemons off my neighbors tree? I feel like today is God’s day off and he has a sub in for him who’s surfing the web and is leaving things to get all higgly-piggly. 

I’m sorry this post has offered no wisdom to you at all. Today I just don’t know. 

One thought on “pretty weird day

  1. tomorrow there will be wisdom where there is none today. my mother always said, “feelings never last, they are always changing…sadness today, gratitude tomorrow…

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